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2 days

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You have an opportunity to test the product we offer. Modestly speaking, we have the longest list of the websites that are supported by our programs. If you want to start using our products, get in touch with us so that we can discuss the price.

Statistics collection



We collect statistics on income from the websites thus allowing the operators to see how much they’ve earned. At present, we collects statistics on the following websites:,,,, CharmingDate Affiliate, RomanceCompass and mime. The data is collected automatically, there is no need to run any additional programs.

Agency panel



Manage and keep track of all the actions carried out in the operators’ accounts in your agency account that has a user-friendly interface. You can read all the sent messages, see time that your operators spent online and terminate accounts.

Pay online



You can make payments in RUR, USD, EUR and UAH. Your account will be activated automatically. You don’t need to send us the proof of payment or inform customer support about the fact that the payment has been made. Currencies are converted automatically according to the current rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Simultaneous accounts



All the accounts are in one program. Now everything is easier. You can log in all the accounts you need and work with them simultaneously. There is no need to create several Google accounts and work using different browsers. You only need one program to do your job.

Customer support



We are always ready to help you if necessary. We have all the tools we need to do it. In particular, we can use TeamViewer

Open prospects



We are constantly working on making our product better. Subscribe to our updates so that you can get the latest news. Every month, we make an update or develop something new.

Captcha service



No more need to solve these annoying painful to read captchas. Our software is integrated with RuС captcha solving service and can do that automatically.

We offer:

Chrome app

It is an independent program. Even though the application has the same interface as the corresponding browser, it is a stand-alone application. In other words, the application and the browser function independently from each other. They can even be run on their own.

The benefit of the application is that it allows to make bot more sophisticated and yet easier to operate. However, there are some disadvantages. From the technical point of view, some improvements are required to fix bugs. For example, sound may disappear or the level of memory usage may increase. To make matters worse, Google has announced that soon there will be no technical support provided in terms of the applications functioning in different browsers. Technical support will only be provided for those functioning in Chrome OS. By starting to use NWjs you can solve this problem partly.

Chrome app

Chrome extension

It is an addition that gets embedded in a site and starts to operate it in the browser window. Since the main thing that was taken into account when developing Google Chrome interface was to allow users to browse websites, the extensions weren’t given much attention.

This is the main disadvantage. In comparison with the application, the extension feature may be less convenient to use. Besides, it’s simply impossible to implement certain “special features”. For example, it is impossible to make the tabs “flicker” when a user gets new message.

In order to make it more convenient for you, we recommend you to use a separate browser for sending messages with the help of bot. We also need to point out that the application is more stable and reliable when it comes down to its functioning.

Chrome extension

Ready to work:

We have removed some sites from the list due to request from rightholders.

Initially the service was created with the purpose to be served privately within the business, but we now have decided to expand this service publicly. Sometime later, once we have improved our technologies up to the necessary level by using them in our own business, we made a willful decision to step out of the shade and present them to you.

Now we have a full set of services to offer you. These are the services that allow you to send invitations and messages for the majority of the most popular dating services.

Even though the rivalry in this business is quite intense, we have something to offer you.

As you know, the dating service svadba has introduced harsh sanctions in order to stop the mass mailing by limiting the number of invitations. Now it’s only possible to send up to 8 invitations per minute. Besides, now your web-camera should be turned on all the time. Due to this fact, many bot programs that are used by dating agencies are not as much effective anymore. The profit of the agencies has decreased as well.

What can be done in case your business is also suffering from the sanctions introduced?

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely for such like measures to become very popular. Imagine the situation when such like sanctions are introduced by the rest dating services. What would then models and interpreters do? How would they work? Would they have to send all the invitations manually and spend many hours working on PC? & Business is business. It means that you have to be able to adapt to any of such like changes.

Try our sending service. It’s not necessary to tell anyone about it, just try it. Install the app (the link to download it is provided above) and activate the trial period (this is done automatically). Then you can start using the service for free. You will have the whole 2 days to see for yourself what our advantages are (we can’t describe them here since everyone can access the website and, besides, we don’t want to teach our competitors). By the way, you don’t have to use the 2 days’ time right away. Your trial period is being spent only when you are actually using the plagin. If you like the service, write or call us in Skype (the contact is provided below) and we’ll talk about the cost.

Today we offer you a complete software for sending invitations and messages on svadba, zolushka (, hanuma (, charming (, iDateAsia (, LatamDate (, ChnLove (, jump (, romance (, Marriage Agency Nataly (, Mariya Club (, My Step2Love (, Bridge Of Love (, LadaDate (, BrideForever ( There is a program that will be useful for dating agencies. It can send messages on LoveMe (, Foreign ladies (, RussianDesire (, NatashaClub ( website.

Apart from the mass mailing service, you can use another one of our services to collect and process the profit statistics on the websites,,, CharmingDate Affiliate, RomanceCompass, and Prime.Date. The members of your staff won’t have to get access to the statistics’ websites in order to see their profits. The administrator doesn’t have to run any apps on his or her PC since we are able to collect and process the statistics offline.

You won’t find any information on the cost and any tariff scales on our website. All the conditions and prices are discussed individually.

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